Meet The Candidates

Shruti Bhatnagar.png

Shruti Bhatnagar

Maryland Chapter | Climate and social justice activist; 30 Years of experience in leadership, grassroots organizing and advocacy!

Building a bigger, broader climate movement is important to addressing climate change. Whatever affects one directly affects all of us indirectly, and that is why I believe that we must all come together in solidarity with renewed commitment and vigilance. We cannot achieve environmental justice without racial justice or realize health equity without dismantling racism. We must be deliberate in our actions and strengthen our efforts to diversify by being inclusive of those who are most impacted and people with diverse perspectives and skillsets.

Our grassroots volunteers are the strength of the Sierra Club. As your elected board member, I will be a strong ally to chapters and groups, so volunteers and staff feel heard and included in the decision-making process, welcome, and valued. My leadership is based on the values of active listening, collaboration, and inclusive partnerships. Together we can move forward to build a stronger and more just climate movement; ensure that our grassroots volunteers and teams are empowered to be successful and have a greater impact in addressing climate change.

Cheyenne Skye Branscum.png

Cheyenne Sky Branscum

Oklahoma Chapter

2022 is a critical year for our organizational priorities and for our internal change initiatives, and we need candidates like the ones featured on this site who will continue to lead us forward and not engage us in protracted infighting. Our Board needs to be strong leaders who bring a diversity of views but who are committed to working together to make us a more powerful force for needed change.


We can't afford to be mired in factionalism, constantly relitigate issues that have been decided, or allow abusive or toxic behavior to undermine our ability to lead Sierra Club forward.

Alison Chin.png

Allison Chin

Angeles Chapter

The Covid pandemic and the ongoing injustice toward people and the planet is changing life as we know it, faster than ever. So much is being lost, taken away, or destroyed. As parts of our country re-open, we’re told it’s safe to return to “normal.” But what is normal, really? Normal is profit over life. Normal is extractive. Normal is what got us into this mess.

No. Going back to the way things were or maintaining the status quo is not an option. Too much is at stake. I want to live in a world where all people benefit from a healthy thriving planet and a direct connection to nature.

I want to ensure Sierra Club continues to be a leading environmental grassroots organization that moves forward with its commitment to a truly just transition that achieves this vision. Our transformational agenda includes changing social systems and structures – from an exploitative economy built on fossil fuels to a regenerative society built on sustainability, ecosystem and public lands protections, energy democracy and interdependence. I am excited to be part of a multiracial, intergenerational and powerful collective of change makers dedicated to making a better tomorrow for our families, our communities and our planet.

Brian Gomez.png

Brian Gómez

Angeles Chapter

I have been on the national Board of Directors for about a year now, and I have seen firsthand how important it is that we keep moving Sierra Club forward, not back. We need to move forward on equity, forward on fighting climate change and defending public lands. Forward on honoring grassroots chapter leaders while making sure they have the tools they need to keep moving Sierra Club forward.

Volunteers from Chapter to National to Sierra Student Coalition are what makes the organization powerful and even more folks should be brought on board to drive our campaigns. The outdoors connects us and can be a catalyst for coming together as a community and driving our campaigns home. We also must ensure local leadership is at the forefront of the fight if we want to win a liveable planet for generations to come.

Cynthia Hoyle.jpg

Cynthia Hoyle

Illinois Chapter

We are at a critical moment with climate change and our environment. The Sierra Club can be a strong unified voice speaking on behalf of our planet and people. Our grassroots volunteers are the strength of the Sierra Club. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club I will work to ensure that our groups and chapters have the resources they need for their work. Leadership requires courage and boldness.


To successfully lead the transition to a clean energy future the Sierra Club Board must acknowledge and address equity and justice issues. Protecting our communities and public lands from pollution and climate change starts with understanding the structural racism that has been at the heart of our policy and regulatory systems, land use and development patterns, and investment priorities.

Herve Jean-Baptiste.png

Hervé Jean-Baptiste

Florida Chapter

Forward Sierra means to build on what made the organization what it is today. While simultaneously introducing what is new, different and necessary to propel the organization into the future. So that the organization and its tireless and dedicated staff and grassroots volunteers can continue to have sustained and ever-increasing impact - and a legacy of which to remain proud - for decades to come.