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Frozen Land

Cheyenne Skye Branscum

When people, especially those outside of Sierra Club, imagine a Sierra Club member they don’t typically picture a Native woman in rural Oklahoma who has a disability and used food stamps in the past. I am here, though, to happily challenge the notion of what kind of person fights climate change and advocates for environmental justice.


I have stepped into leadership positions at both the state and national level and focused my time on conservation and political issues as well as internal Club issues. From me, you will have a director who knows firsthand the threat we face and what it feels like to be those that corporations target for pollution because the rest of the world sees us as "disposable." I will do everything in my power to lift up more voices of the unheard and make sure our Sierra Club is for everyone, especially those that the climate crisis disproportionately affects.


Oklahoma Chapter

National Board of Directors

Loren Blackford, past director, past president

Robin Mann, past director, past president

Allison Chin, past director, past president

Susana Reyes, past director, past vice-president

Dave Scott, current director, past president

Margrete Strand Rangnes, past director

Ramon Cruz, current director, current president

Ross Macfarlane, current director

Oliver Bernstein, current director

Rita Harris, current director

Patrick Murphy, current director

Mike O'Brien, current director

Meghan Sahli-Wells, current Sierra Club Board Member

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