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Endorsed By The Sierra Club Board

A range of current and former Sierra Club leaders have endorsed these six Forward Sierra candidates for Board of Directors. In addition, a majority of the current Sierra Club Board of Directors voted to endorse these nominated candidates, saying, in part:

"This year’s slate of nominated candidates is diverse, qualified, and deeply committed to carrying Sierra Club forward. If elected, they will bring to the board both the qualities and skills necessary to advance our mission at this moment. The slate balances the need for people on the board with deep knowledge of different aspects of the organization, alongside the need for fresh perspectives and new ideas through lived experiences. This balance will ensure that Sierra Club continues to grow and thrive.

The Board of Directors hereby endorses the six candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee: Shruti Bhatnagar, Cheyenne Branscum, Allison Chin, Brian Gómez, Cynthia Hoyle, and Hervé Jean-Baptiste and urges Sierra Club members to vote for up to five of these six candidates when filling out their ballot."