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Frozen Land

Shruti Bhatnagar

I am excited about the transformation that is happening in the Sierra Club to become a more welcoming and inclusive organization. I joined the Sierra Club to fight climate change because it is the most respected and largest grassroots organization that has a great influence. I am passionate about creating a sustainable planet, its lands, skies and waters.


As someone who learned to assimilate to a new culture and build my community when I moved from India decades ago, I understand that change is difficult and at times necessary to survive and thrive.


As a group chair and chapter volunteer leader, I have been working with my colleagues to advance policies on 100% clean energy, forest conservation, land use and transportation. Through organizing events, volunteer orientation sessions and as a member of the conservation and equity taskforce, I’ve helped to shape the Chapters’ priorities. I have seen firsthand that we are powerful together.


 If elected to the board I will

  1. walk the talk. 

  2. be a fierce advocate for the Sierra Club Grassroots and expanding resources.

  3. be a keen listener, respect all people’s experiences and lean into courageous conversations

  4. Use my 30 years of experience in leadership, organizing, advocacy and building coalitions to be tenacious and get things done.


Please vote for me so we can move the Sierra Club forward together to build a broader and more just climate movement.


Ramon Cruz, current director, current president

Oliver Bernstein, current director

Mike O'Brien, current director

Rita Harris, current director

Ross Macfarlane, current director

Patrick Murphy, current director

Meghan Sahli-Wells, current Sierra Club Board Member

Dave Scott, current director, past president

Loren Blackford, past director, past president

Robin Mann, past director, past president

Allison Chin, past director, past president

Margrete Strand Rangnes, past director

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