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Frozen Land

Allison Chin

I am running for the Board again to take Sierra Club forward - to continue driving and supporting the organizational transformation that is underway SO THAT we can cultivate a bigger “we”.    I envision a Sierra Club where every person or group feels and IS welcomed, respected, valued and supported to fully participate.


Since completing my board term in 2018, I have continued to serve on the equity, chapter support and training teams in order to  support local capacity building as a facilitator of learning spaces and team building for volunteers and staff.


As a lifelong learner, I know that change can be hard…and necessary.  I will bring compassion, courage, and care to the Board.  I work well with others.  I am collaborative, generative, and reliable.  If elected I will continue:

  • to invest in our people – grassroots leaders, expert volunteers, professional staff

  • to build strategic capacity – an engaged and active presence in every state and major city

  • to walk the talk -- deepen our practices to be welcoming, inclusive and equitable - significant progress has been made and more is needed


Sierra Club is on a journey to become a more welcoming and inclusive organization.  I am proud to be part of a growing community of volunteers and staff committed to build on the progress that has been cultivated to date. We ARE powerful together.


President Ramon Cruz

Past Presidents:

Loren Blackford

Robin Mann

David Scott

Current/Past Directors:

Oliver Bernstein

Rita Harris

Ross Macfarlane

Patrick Murphy

Mike O’Brien

Susana Reyes

Margrete Strand Rangnes

Meghan Sahli-Wells, current Sierra Club Board Member

Angeles Chapter ExCom

Atlantic Chapter ExCom

Michigan Chapter ExCom

Oklahoma Chapter ExCom

San Francisco Bay Chapter ExCom

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