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Frozen Land

Brian Gómez

I’m running for the Board again. After serving for one year I’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing work there is to be done at the Club. I’m excited to continue to serve in a greater capacity with the following qualities:


  • Perspective

    • I joined the Sierra Club when I was in high school, then through the past decade I became involved in national youth climate organizations. Through that, and staying involved at the club, I became aware of different strategies, structures, and systems. Both new and old ways of doing, being, and organizing.

  • Passion 

    • I’m excited about organizations! I’m excited about local and national dynamics, financial structures, and strategies. I love thinking and listening to others’ perspectives on how things are done.

  • Past

    • As a volunteer, and especially as a staff member in climate organizations I’ve always been and advocate for volunteer, fielding calls, calling for greater investment, and reimagining structures so they can work for all. 

  • Belief 

    • I wholeheartedly believe in local knowledge over top-down national coordination. Often we are responding to the word in Washington-not the word on the street. Local issues should drive national priorities, and this credence must be integrated across the organization.


Loren Blackford, past director, past president

Robin Mann, past director, past president

Allison Chin, past director, past president

Susana Reyes, past director, past vice-president

Dave Scott, current director, past president

Margrete Strand Rangnes, past director

Ramón Cruz, current director, current president

Ross Macfarlane, current director

Oliver Bernstein, current director

Rita Harris, current director

Patrick Murphy, current director

Mike O'Brien, current director

Meghan Sahli-Wells, current Sierra Club Board Member

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